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Traditional Style HV Drums







Pearl Competitor HV Drums

The 4 Battleline HV Snares


The Instructor for the Battleline, Johnny Young,

liked the sound of my HV Drums so he asked if I

could customize the independent drumlines' drums. 

I think he was very pleased with the outcome.






This is my first of 10 of the 70's model of

the great Slingerland TDR 15" drum.

It is incredibly loud and sensitive since

I replaced the 12 gut snares with plastic coated steel braided wire.

These drums are the loudest I have ever heard hands down! 

I am using the Remo Powerstroke77's with the the Pearl ST

snare side heads.  They have great attack and projection.

I have some 15" batter heads for back up

but the real kicker is the deal I got on 40 Pearl snare side heads!!

Thanks Ebay!





After spending many hours on ebay and calling different

drum stores for parts, I have been able to refurbish

(10) 12X15 inch Slingerland TDR Drums.  These 30 yr

old drums have NEVER sounded better!!!!  They are ready for the 

2006 parade season .  Echo's of New Orleans,  made up

of people who marched in the New Orleans corps from the 70's. 

Bleu Raeders, Stardusters, Southern Rebels and a few others.


These drums do get the attention of many of the

parade goers as we march by because of the look

and the sound they project.  Not to mention the classic drum corps units

that used to be so popular in many of the parades back in the 70's.


Many people just have to come up and ask about our corps and reminisce

of the many drum corps that use to be so popular during the

Mardi Gras parades of the 60's and into the late 70's that used to call New Orleans home.




My now 9 yr old boy wanted a drum to match daddy's. 

So here is our pair of matching TDR Drums I customized

for us, Marty did sign four of the drums for me.













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