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Marty Hurley

Nationally Recognized Rudimental Drum Instructor



Marty's Big Surprise!!!

Signed at Phantom Reunion

July 22, 2008

at USM









Trying out one of my Slingerland TDR'S.



I always enjoy watching Marty play a snare drum. 

 He plays with so much power and  is so smooth. 

 I see why he is one of the Great Rudimental Instructors in the world.




Marty playing some intense flam laden passage and snapped one last shot as he finished.


It was after this we talked about trying to get HV DRUMS


I enjoyed customizing the traditional marching snares,

Marty told me this is what he wished Ludwig

would have done with his design idea of the High Volume Drum.

The workmanship of my drums was outstanding, but the traditional

drums day was over.  He went to a closet and pulled out an unopened

box, which contained a new Pearl FFX.


I'll never forget his words



These are the drums that I have built for Marty...




 Pearl FFX




Ludwig  Challenger






"W.E.I.R.D" 2


"W.E.I.R.D" 3


"W.E.I.R.D" 4












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