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SSG Scott Jamison

Snare Drummer for The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps


This is the drum I just finished

& shipped to Scott


Upon seeing Marty Hurley’s rudimental clinic for the 2007 Mississippi Day of Percussion

 as a student at The University of Southern Mississippi, Scott was smitten by the sound of the HV drum.

Since that time, he wondered what the drum would sound like with a Kevlar

head on bottom, as opposed to Hurley’s choice of Mylar.


Capital Regiment


Upon receiving his drum, he promptly put Kevlar heads on top and bottom to see what it had to offer.

Here’s what he had to say about it: “Usually, good snare response comes hand

in hand with what many think is ‘too wet’ of a sound. Also, what might sound great

at one dynamic level generally leaves a drum lacking in others. With Kevlar heads on the

HV drum, you get it all: Short articulation, increased snare response (volume),

and a full ‘drum sound.’ Put all of these together at all dynamic levels

and you have, in my opinion, a perfect sounding free floater!”


USM Drum Line



The United States Army does not endorse/support nor is endorsed/supported by

HV drums, Pearl, Vic Firth, Evans, or any other companies associated

with SSG Jamison’s personal preferences. Anything said by SSG Jamison is

 his sole opinion and does not necessarily reflect the stance of

The United States Army. With that in mind, feel free to check

out this clip (that includes SSG Jamison) from The Old Guard’s performance

on Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 at Fort McNair, DC for Twilight Tattoo!







He’s the snare drummer on the right side of the screen!



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