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Next Generation of HV's


 Marty's and my idea of the freefloating

HV drum is now reality!!




After he saw it, he wanted to tune it up a bit.

Marty on the "test drive."




From the thumbs up from an enthusiastic student

I do believe the NEXT GENERATION HV DRUM is a success!!



Marty and I discussed the design,

and here it is confirmed.




High Volume Drum is now being custom

made by me in very limited numbers.


Marty is endorsed by Pearl Drums


Some of the differences that were noted right away

   1) increased snare sensitivity and response 

2) much more projection

3) the drum sounds much more like a drum,

 even with the heads torqued

4) increased VOLUME


MARTY HURLEY had this to say about the sound of his PEARL FFX  HV, " the snare response is there with just a tap of your finger." 



JOHN WOOTON sent me an email about  his PEARL FFX  HV and he stated, "I like the drum very, very much.  Not only does it bring back some wonderful memories but the sound is just too good!  Your craftsmanship is superb and you obviously take a lot of pride and joy into your work.  I can't wait to see, and hear the whole line with these drums!  "



RICK BECKHAM had  a couple of things to say about his PREMIER  HTS HV, "topnotch professional workmanship", 

"Anyone who uses kevlar cranked to the point where the snares can't respond  thus giving a choked wussy tic sound, should consider the HV shell."



and see if you don't hear the notable difference in volume and snare sensitivity of the HV design!


You can also hear a great solo by the new

DCA champion Jeff Prosperie

on the normal FFX.



         BRIAN HINRICHS,  top staff at Echo's of New Orleans, has a more technical reply about the HV high tension snare.


    "The HV Drum high-tension brings a culmination of the best of the last three decades of development to allow the crispness of sound of the high-tension heads with the maximum volume and clarity of snare sound desired of the instrument.  
Before the high-tension model, as top heads began the upward spiral of continually being ever higher and higher, sound projectors evolved to attempt to maximize and direct the downward projected sound of the bottom snare head, which caused the sound to be reduced in any direction not projected, so use of projectors seemed to have come and gone.  The high-tension models have had an effect of further reducing the volume of the snare sound emanating from the bottom head.   At the lowest dynamic levels on the high-tension drums the snare sound is virtually lost in the sound produced from the sticks on the top head.  
The HV Drums return the essence of the term “snare” back to the high-tension snare drum.  The HV high-tension models, while utilizing the high tensions for the desired crispness, also allow the full sound of the snares to resonate from the drum that was seemingly being choked from the drum to a degree and also lost in the straight downward projection path.  The snare sound from the bottom head is cast in every direction; forward, to the side, backward, and even upward to allow each player to hear their own drum’s snare sound and the sound of the snares of other players in the line much more clearly. The truly interesting thing about the HV Drums is not just more volume making it louder, but the tremendous increase of clarity of the snare sound at the extreme lowest dynamic level.  At last, a high-tension snare drum that achieves a clear crisp clarity of snare sound at all dynamic levels with the additional benefit of tremendously increased volume and omni-directional sound projection.    
To put it in a different way, I would equate the snare sound trapped in the typical closed shell to you in your car with all your windows rolled up, speaking to someone outside, and with the HV Drums its like rolling down your window and having people clearly hear you when you speak, even when speaking rather softly.
HV Drums are a window to a new level of quality of sound from drums










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