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Specialize in Customizing

Slingerland, Pearl and Ludwig Drums


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Thank you for visiting my site. I've been drumming for 25+yrs. Studied Rudimental Drumming under Marty Hurley for 5 years.  Excited to share my very own Hurley inspired HV (High Volume) Drums.  Please look around.




The "NEXT GENERATION"  page has the new "FREEFLOATER"

high tension HV design drums, or check out

 the Sold and in Progress page.


You can see and hear one of them at this link.


Let me make your new HV Snare Drum!!

It is not as expensive as you might think!!!


News Article

July 25th, 2008

Readable Article on About Me Page. Take a Look











 Custom made drums. 

Pictured above are the ones

I've made for myself and others.




Ever hear of a High Volume Rudimental Bass?

Here is one of two that I am making for the Southern Silver Star.  They definitely need to be muffled!!  These guys are very responsive.  I should make a set of tuned bass like this.  The sound and tonal quality is fantastic.





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