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Lacquered Drums

See Below:





Slingerland 15" TDR


Painted with lacquer coats and metallic flake and sealed with clear coats.

Snare strainer switched out for a fully adjustable snare system.

A few of my Phantom friends from the 80's fell in love with the sound produced from this drum.











This is a red to black fade with  a metal flake

clear coat.


Most of the lacquered drums I do are stained

then have multiple coats of lacquer and then topped off

with metallic and clear coated.










One of my favorite color combinations

black to purple to magenta to red.  I'm not sure

if I could even duplicate this again, it came out spectacular!










Just messing around with this drum,

The neat thing about doing a stain on a wrapped drum

you never know what kind of wood is underneath

the wrap.


This particular drum had the seam underneath

the Pearl name badge.  So I used the back of the drum as the

front, and you can see where the carrier bolts were attached.









This is a painted drum, I much rather work with a

stain than paint.


Black with a silver sprayed across the middle.

metal flake and clear coated. 







A unique drum is the Yamaha Corps Custom.

I have only heard of these drums, well thanks to ebay

I have acquired 4 of them. Again thanks to ebay,

 I was able to get some things that were missing

and have 3, in beautiful working condition.

The 4th one is in its final stages.


Evans Grey Hybrid and Remo Black Max work

 just fine on these drums.  The heads get tight

enough not to jeopardize the the lugs.








    This is my 2nd Corps Custom

same fade but nicer iridescent name sticker!!







      The 3rd Corps Custom

        with a black stained wood and a colored dye in the lacquer.

When the sun hits this it is gorgeous!! The wood grain still shows

and  you can see the subtle purple tint in the clear and

the metal flake throws the rainbow of colors.






 Just showing off the 2nd and 3rd Corps custom.

The drums sound amazing, I prefer the sound of these traditional

drums over the high tension models.  I guess I'm old fashion and

really enjoy snare drums that sound like snare drums!!













               This is my 4th and last Yamaha Custom Corps snare

             it came out BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Sound is GREAT as well. 

                 I call this night at the   beach.  Black faded to a blue

           and the wood grain looks like waves.  Truly beautiful wood

                     grains and the stain pick them up very well.

              I had a subtle color used for the Yamaha name sticker

      that kind of blends with the color and makes it look non obtrusive.






    This is my first and only one I have made so far, of the Original HV    design of Marty Hurley and Harvey Vogel  starting  with the 1981 Ludwig HV's the true Split Shell.

One of 2 made for Chuck McCurdy

1981 Phantom Alumni.











     Chuck also wanted a drum the way I make them,

so here is my interpretation of the Pearl Corporation's Azure Fade.

Chuck had the frames and all he had to do was put 'em in!!






   This is the drum I made for young Jay Goff.  He was

             very pleased with his drum and I'm very excited for this            

young man,  who has so much potential.






                This is Sean Killens ,  he is now going to Northwestern

  State here in Louisiana, I do believe he is part of the Demon Drumline.






                       This one is mine.   I didn't have a lacquered FFX.

            So I had to do one for myself, of course it came out great

                         but I really like the grain in Jay's drum.

                                       Jay , 'ya want to trade?





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