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Dr. John Wooton

Well Known Pearl Drum Endorser and Instructor


  He asked me to make a drum

for him and wanted it with the USM gold color.

We are both very excited with the outcomes,

USM will be planning to have 13 Pearl HV's on hand when they step on field next year.  

    Of course the rest of the drumline will be rewrapped as well . 
















John Wooton's drum is in progress,

     I am just now finishing up the HV cuts.

    We waited for this wrap for almost 3 months,

he is definitely fired up about his drum!


       If all goes well and the color is acceptable, the University of

 Southern Mississippi will be outfitted with 10 HV snares just like this

 and the entire USM drumline re wrapped in the matching black to gold

 fade for the 2008 marching season!!

HV  Drums will be heard!!!





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